Thursday 2 February 2023

AI Plus Plus

I have been playing for some time now with text to image AI software programmes. An example of an outcome is shown below with the various steps to completion.

Start was a relatively uninteresting  image created using the artist Hans Bellmer as part of the text reference. 

1. The basic outcome was this image:

2,This image was cropped and modified in Photoshop to convert to grayscale, then increase contrast and brightness:

3. Converted to a displacement file:

4. Taken into an image convertor to create an .stl 3D file:

5. Next step was readying the resulting file for CNC cutting in Cut 3D:

6. Preview of finished CNC work for completion in MDF (not wood):

7. Cutting in progress:

8. Finished mdf panel sanded, sprayed with white sealer/base coat. Burned while drying to create a secondary texture and key for subsequent surface colours, base red ink applied with some water colour crayon detailing:

9. First oil glaze in green applied and wiped back:

10, Two x yellow/orange glazes applied partial wipe on 2nd:

11. Two x red glazes with wipe. Final selective yellow/orange glazes to complete, ready for farming when dry.

Size: 180mmm x 115mm

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