Sunday 5 December 2021

Eyes right?

I have been dabbling with image making experiments, once again expressing my reactions to medical issues around declining faculties experienced during the ageing process. This time I am endeavouring to express some subtle and not so subtle changes in visual acuity that have come about by an eye stroke or technically termed a Central Retinal Vein Occlusion.

Apparently this causes a haemorrhaging of blood into the back of the eye that affects the retina and a loss of vision. So at the moment my sight in my left eye varies from 90% to 10% loss with blurring.

The images shown below are an attempt to describe those losses which may or may not become permanent at any of these stages or complete loss as a worst case scenario. Hopefully it will remain as a single eye phenomenon.

My inspiration for this new series is prompted by the work of Italian artist Robert Bosisio. I am using photographic methods to achieve a similar effect but for different expressive outcomes. I am using the new Shiftcam system of lenses for the iPhone for this creative exercise.

The images below are re-purposed or re-photographed images from my originals or from screen shots from computer monitors or TV screens. I am finding new ways to edit or manipulate etc., as I go along this journey.

Sometimes, I have a central white area with a gold halo and parts of the image showing.

At other times, I have just blurry images or images that are interrupted by a greyed out mesh with segments of the image passing through; I am yet to explore this as a visual representation.