Friday 13 May 2016

Working with ideas - moving on

It is now some time since I was able to play in my workshop. To get back into the swing of things I have decided to go backwards in order to move on. It is easier to start work again using something old than to pressure oneself with fresh ideas.

This is a piece I made as an experiment, a couple of years back, with what was then a new routing setup which has since been disassembled. Happy with the individual parts, I was not happy with the overall result so I am revisiting the project.

I stained the whole piece black to aid reassessing the form before making any decisions.

I find the extreme contrast between the two decorative elements to be visually displeasing. 

I have decided to split the piece into two separate parts and work on them individually. My first reaction to the top was that it might make a 'deco' style clock face so as a bit of fun I have decided to pursue that idea.

The bowl section will be worked up, probably, to a more sculptural end result.

Below I have included the original bowl form and the first stages in the revision of ideas. 

The composite pic below shows various router setups I have available for shaping, pattern making and texturing.

I am currently revising and replacing some of these with alternative methods to experiment with that are more suited to 3D forms.