Thursday 19 August 2021

Vivid Dreams

 Parkinson's Art UK are currently having an exhibition at OXO Gallery in London. 

There is a virtual Gallery gallery accessible via the link below:

I was happy to be invited to participate and below is my piece in the exhibition. It is one in a series of images I have been working on that investigate my emotional responses to my diagnosis and help me come to terms with a new reality.

Further examples can be found here:

Monday 16 August 2021


Just finished this piece which is part turned, part CNC and hand finished. Various reactive paints applied followed by spray, brush and fumed patination, Fixative spray and polish. Approx. 98mmx 30mm.

Beginning patination

After fuming

Finished piece

Friday 6 August 2021

Portrait bowl

 Final finish on my portrait bowl. Brush and spray patination over metal reactive paint.

3D scanned head on a 3D texture created in Groboto v3 and joined in ZBrush.

Four different patination fluids used and applied with spray, brush and sponge. Fixative spray and light waxing. Centre finished with light application of black patination polish.


Refinished bowl form. 105mm dia. Part turned, part CNC, part hand carved and textured,

Created in Groboto V3, finished with iron reactive paint and patinated with spray, brush and sponge,