Tuesday 10 March 2020

ZBrush plus

This is a turntable rendition of a fractal form modified in Zbrush. 

A couple of  3d fractal object images below also modified in Zbrush.

ZBrush plus

I have had Zbrush for some time but not really got to grips with it. It is a complex programme and with increasing age it becomes difficult to remember the hows and whys unless I use it regularly and for reasonably prolonged periods. Anyway I knuckled down recently and have had some good results. Some of which I have posted elsewhere and now show here. 

For health reasons I am having to change my way of working and will rely more on CNC and 3D printing to express my creativity. This inevitably means more use of software solutions on the computer rather than the more conventional, pencil, paper and hand skills approach,

I enjoy the surprise elements and swift recycling of ideas that this method of working provides. It also enables me to incorporate photographic origination and manipulation into the work. I am using fractal software and bot software, at present, to explore new forms and surfaces in conjunction with 3D textures created from photographs. These will be combined and cut from wood using CNC only or in conjunction with with 3D printed wood. My first tries at this were shown in earlier entries here,

I am working through ideas, some are suitable for what I wish to achieve and some are not. The ones shown below are a sequence of variations made from an original bot model manipulated in Zbrush. 

Original bot model

13 variations,each image a progression of the former one