Saturday 25 July 2015

Celebration time

Yesterday was a special day for Chris, my wife, and myself. Thirty sessions of radiotherapy, over a six week period to deal with a tumour in her head, came to an end. The outcome should prevent further growth and also stop the threat of her going blind. She has accumulated double vision, hearing loss and cognitive decline amongst other problems, caused by the tumour.

Love, support from family and friends combined with a sense of humour have been key factors in keeping her going with a positive outlook. We also have the joy of two new grandsons, one born and one to come shortly, to help carry us through the short and long term consequences of her condition.

A souvenir of the process was bring away the mask that was used to clamp her head in position for treatments. I am hoping to be able to incorporate imagery and the mask into some form of artwork.

Much of the knowledge gained from experimenting with technology in my work has helped to deal with some of the issues that a have arisen. The use of video and tracking systems help to keep her safe and allow me the opportunity to still have some limited time in the workshop.

I hope to be able to get back to some form of creative output soon.