Monday, 17 July 2017

Time to focus

An opportunity has presented itself recently. It has provided me with the opportunity and motivation to produce some new work after a long break.

New ideas, materials and a couple of new pieces of equipment will  help to take me in a new direction and provides the impetus to start being creative again.

I have a short timescale to submit the work and a holiday in between. Helps to stimulate focus when there is a definite deadline. 

New supplies

Some possible shapes to work on - maybe


Tom said...

Would be great to see you working again Phillip. Must catch up soon. wizer ;)

Rosemary Wright said...

Intriguing... :)

Philip Streeting said...

Thanks Tom, hope you and the family are well.
Thanks Rosemary, going to do some panels next.

Rosemary Wright said...

Great, I'm looking forward to what comes next. Good luck.